About company


Innovation wastewater treatment technologies - specialization of our company

          «MEDIANA-ECO» represents the company, leading which aspect of activity is development of the technologies  oriented on complex treatment of industrial wastewater, processing or recuperation  of waste.


Our company offers a full complex of services - engineering, design, delivery and installation of wastewater treatment equipment.

            For realization of the projects of introduction of systems of industrial wastewater treatment «MEDIANA-ECO» uses the big assortment of the process equipment, and also introduces the new types. If the equipment demands adaptation to concrete conditions of the decision of a problem, experts of the company make its necessary completion. The equipment of wastewater is selected in such a way that it most would be suitable for the solution of the problems presented and would have all appropriate admittances and permissions.
        By development of own projects which are being mostly hi-tech, the company «MEDIANA-ECO» to aspire to use modern advanced knowledge, the most perspective energy-efficient and ecologically harmless technologies of wastewater treatment.
     «MEDIANA-ECO», having the highly professional engineering center, gives significant attention to the scientifically-proved theoretical decisions and practical introductions, regularly are achieved scientific studies and design searches, which guarantees the high quality of   wastewater treatment of any complexity.
Because of courses and an increase in the qualification, conducted in Russia, Europe and USA, systematically is improved the experience of the specialists of company «MEDIANA-ECO». In staff of the enterprise at present time work several doctors of science.
    Well known scientists in various areas of a science are involved as official scientific advisers of the company.
        The enterprise makes the research activity together with leaders educational and scientific institutes of Russia, at participation of known world manufacturers of the equipment. The company «MEDIANA-ECO» makes experimental research work on the basis of the D. Mendeleyev University of Chemical Technology of Russia, and experimental- projection developments on the basis of the Moscow State University of engineering ecology (MGUEE).
        For the purpose of the creation of optimum technological possibilities for a maximally effective solution of tasks of purification of waste water, the enterprise accomplishes design, construction of apparatuses and devices, and also installation, adjustment and service maintenance of systems and construction of cleaning. Durable business connections with the leading scientific organizations, and also with the known plants (both Russian and foreign) allow for company “Research and Production Enterprise OF MEDIANA-ECO” to make qualitative production. 
       The equipment delivered by our enterprise for systems of wastewater treatment of the industrial enterprises has all necessary certificates and licenses.